Building My First Front End Project With JS, HTML, and CSS

After the first few months of my time at Flatiron coding Bootcamp I am finally ready to build my first project incorporating the knowledge that I have tried hard to absorb. With as much information and content you go through in this Software Engineering class, it can be intimidating to try and apply that knowledge into something tangible and worthy of presentation that also happens to work the way its supposed to.

I decided to go with a social media/public forum esc app for my first project, thinking that since we would have to incorporate an API and use it to populate our page that this kind of data would be fairly easy to deal with. After many attempts and hours spent pouring over my code, I honestly just couldn't get it to work, maybe one day ill revisit this idea but going forward I chose something a little more digestible, a weather app. I know, how original.

My new approach with a new API and HTML structure was much easier to handle and code. That’s not to say it was easy, me being so new to coding, I had to do a lot and I really do mean a lot of google and YouTube on top of the lessons. Sooner and much later I came up with Badger, as a weather app that would grab JSON data from an API at and push it into my code, grab the users coordinates and display the weather information for the user in the window. Badger is now a functioning single page web app with a few nice features, a little CSS for flavor and I’m proud of this first project. I cant wait to dive deeper and one day look back at Badger Weather App with a mixture of pride and hopefully a good laugh.




I am a Software Engineering Student at Flatiron School.

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Isaac Johnson

Isaac Johnson

I am a Software Engineering Student at Flatiron School.

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